The    MINIMUM VELOCITY THRESHOLD (MVT)   is the slowest velocity at which a repetition can be completed for a given exercise.
Since in the context of Velocity Based Training, it is associated with Maximum Intent or Maximum Acceleration and therefore it is highly related with the 1 Repetition Maximum or with the last Rep before failure. Basically, MVT is the slowest speed an individual can perform a given exercise at and not fail. ⁠⁠
Actually, Research says MVT is just what you're thinking: the speed of 1RM. 
The MVT has been shown to be consistent to a number of common exercises althou variations in lifting techniques may suggest a slightly wider level of individual variation. An example: the same individual will have consistent but slightly different Conventional Squat, Box Squat or Wide Stance Box Squat MVTs. 
MVT varies by exercise and by individual and it becomes slower and slower as a lifter becomes more experienced too. Especially with Team Sports Athletes we always hear about producing the most amount of force in short times. Now we are learning how an athlete is able to get stronger (being stronger = producing more Newtons or Lifting more weights) by learning how to complete lifts at slower speeds. This is actually the basic skills of a powerlifter, or, with higher values and more technical elements connected, of an olympic weightlifter.
 MVT is essential to make a correct prediction for 1RM via Load Velocity Profile .
Alright! Enough with the Science, two main questions: 
  1. Anybody researched any common values for MVT?
  2. How can I found out MVT myself?
Please check the tables above and below to see what has been researched. To find out about MVT yourself there are two main roads and they go along with 1RM Testing Protocols.
You can find out about MVT directly, say by performing a true 1RM and track the speed of that rep.
You can also find out about MVT indirectly, by picking a medium-high load (above 70%) and tracking reps to failure: by definition, the speed of the last reps will be your MVT. 
Choose your poison: we suggest a direct method for medium or expert lifters and go to failure if you have a beginner. Damn, after all make the rookie pay his price!
Last, a classic tweet from Spanish PhD Lorena Torres, graphically displaying researched MVTs for the most common exercises.