Beast Trainer
Beast Trainer
Beast Trainer
Beast Trainer
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Beast Trainer

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Designed for Coaches and Personal Training.
Beast Training Group and Dashboard for 10 Customers
Beast Sensor Tracking Kit with Robust Beast Case


Enhance motivation 
Watch in real time how much you are pushing rep by rep on your smartphone screen

Adapt lifting to your daily conditions
Break fixed set & rep schemes and let your daily shape and performance dictate the optimal loads for your training session

Optimize your strength training
Beast knows your athletic profile and guides you towards the optimal training zone for reaching your goals

Keep track of all lifts
All data is collected in the Beast Webportal, the first performance based training diary for weightlifting

Coaching from a distance
Assign workouts to clients which own a Beast Sensor and monitor their performance from another location

Advanced lifting performance analytics
Analyze all relevant parameters like strength, speed, acceleration & power in detail down to 50 measurements per second

Build your own weightlifting data repository
Easily gather all weightlifting data and use them to evaluate how each client individually responds to training cycles

Quantify your achievements
Use data to show your clients the achievements of work done together


You will be able to train your athletes or clients with your Beast Sensor, saving data for each one of them on a dedicated account.
By measuring Power, Speed and Force of all movements with a high precision accelerometer technology you will be able to get instant feedback on the quality of each workout – and keep the level UP! You will receive easy to understand metrics to adjust workouts to your goals and adapt training loads on daily conditions of athletes, preventing injuries and overtraining.
With the Beast Trainer Dashboard you can access advanced analytics about performance analyzing data in detail down to every single repetition (with 50 measurements per second!) and comparing data among your athletes and clients to see who’s putting 100% effort and who’s not, who’s in shape and who’s tired, who’s maxing out and who’s hiding. You can send workouts to your athlete’s smartphone and monitor workout completion - even at distance, simplifying dramatically the communication process with the athletes you train but you can not meet everyday, and you’ll be free to create your own customized exercises and exercise lists. 
Take your training methods to the next level and make out of every training session a cutting edge experience for your athletes and clients!
Discover more about Beast for Trainers here.



Beast Trainer includes:
  • Beast Training Group and Dashboard with up to 10 Athlete Accounts on Beast Web Portal
  • 1 Beast Tracking Kits including Beast Sensor, Wristband, USB Cables
  • Extra Beast Wristband
  • Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof Beast Protection Case
  • User Guide
Extra (options):
  • Accessory Kit
  • Extra Athlete Accounts to increase the Training Group
  • Sensori Beast per clienti/Atleti per l’allenamento a distanza