About Us


We merge the grind, the effort and the passion of a Semi-pro Athlete with the training expertise of Certified Strength & Conditioning Coaches and the rocket science skills of aerospace engineers. Ultimately, we want athletes and trainers to better understand their efforts in order to optimize their training and make exercising more efficient. 
We come with you to the gym and stay by your side when you are at your peak; capturing your speed instantaneously. We enhance your power and motivate you when you’re flat on the ground. We bring your focus back on the exercise technique when you overexert. We track your efforts and show you the results of your hard work even when you can’t notice them. 
Simply put, we want to help maximize your workout while doing it with poise and efficiency. Most importantly, we want you to have fun. We want to make it easier for you to be at your best. We remind you why you train so you can just do it. We want to join your team and be your favorite training partner! Every damn Rep!! #knowyourbeast




We are a young and diversified team of athletes, sport scientists, aerospace engineers and developers working day by day with the ultimate goal to enable every person to track and improve performance in the gym.