IL COACH #SMARTTALK: Velocity Based Training

Repost of a recent chat between Beast Founder Tommaso Finadri and our very good friend Andrea Dell'Angelo, Track and field coach and founder himself of Il, the most popular source for Track and field training contents in Italy. Andrea and Tommy went in depth about the applications of Velocity Based Training techniques for Track and Field.


More contents with our friends at il Coach will come in the next months, they have been working really hard highlighting the most effective methods to train both the technical features of Sprinting, Hurdling, Jumping and specific Strength and Conditioning means for Sprinting.

Andrea Dell'Angelo and Andrea Uberti are young yet pretty experienced Track and Field coaches and they are always eager to learn new methods and techniques. As early adopters of VBT methods and Beast Sensor, they met Beast founder Tommaso in Italy in early 2017 through coach Carlo Buzzichelli during ISCI workshops.  

You can find more informations about Il Coach here




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