Beast Trainer License [Upgrade from Beast Athlete to Beast Trainer]

Beast Trainer License [Upgrade from Beast Athlete to Beast Trainer]

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This product is for those customers who started cautious purchasing Beast Athlete and now feel confident enough to include Velocity Based Training work with their customers as well. Good choice!


Beast Trainer License includes everything you need to upgrade from Beast Athlete to Beast Trainer:!

After the purchase your Beast Trainer License will be activated by our Staff, your new Training Group will be activated and you'll be ready to go !

Follow the product guidelines contained in our Welcome Message to take your first steps as a Beast Coach and implement Velocity Based Training with your Custoners!

As we process your order, we'll ship the Beast Trainer Box with the Extra Wristband to you. Shipping costs are once again offered by us!

Once again this product is dedicated to previous Customers who bought Beast Athlete and are now ready to go Pro, with Beast Trainer, in order to offer Velocity Based Training services to their Customers! If you do not own a Beast Sensor already, please start from here

We're proud to announce that this could also be the second half of the most affordable way to purchase a complete Beast Trainer: you can start by purchasing Beast Athlete and later complete your Beast Trainer package by purchasing this Beast Trainer License. By leveraging our Split Payment Partner Clearpay you will be able to complete your package with a 6 monthly payments! Ask our staff if you need more info about this!

You will be able to train your athletes or clients with your Beast Sensor, saving data for each one of them on a dedicated account. More features include: 

Coaching from a distance
Assign workouts to clients which own a Beast Sensor and monitor their performance from another location

Advanced lifting performance analytics
Analyze all relevant parameters like strength, speed, acceleration & power in detail down to 50 measurements per second

Build your own weightlifting data repository
Easily gather all weightlifting data and use them to evaluate how each client individually responds to training cycles

Quantify your achievements
Use data to show your clients the achievements of work done together

By gaining access to your custom Beast Trainer Dashboard you can access advanced analytics about performance analyzing data in detail down to every single repetition  and comparing data among your athletes and clients to see who’s putting 100% effort and who’s not, who’s in shape and who’s tired, who’s maxing out and who’s hiding. You can send workouts to your athlete’s smartphone and monitor workout completion - even at distance, simplifying dramatically the communication process with the athletes you train but you can not meet everyday, and you’ll be free to create your own customized exercises and exercise lists. 
Take your training methods to the next level and make out of every training session a cutting edge experience for your athletes and clients!
Discover more about Beast for Trainers here.


Beast Trainer License Upgrade includes:
Beast Training Group and Dashboard on Beast Web Portal Up to 10 Accounts
Trainer Features not included in Athlete such as downloadable workout data -
Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof Beast Protection Case 1
Extra Beast Wristband 1


Extra (options):
  • Accessory Kit
  • Extra Athlete Accounts to increase the Training Group